5 Benefits of Choosing a Granite Headstone

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When it comes to designing a headstone, there are a lot of choices to be made. The first decision you must make, arguably the most important, is what material you should use. Marble, slate, bronze, and sandstone are all good options, but by far the most common is granite. This popularity is for good reasons. Here are 5 benefits of choosing a granite headstone. 

  1. Granite is Uniquely Beautiful

Granite is formed from molten rock known as magma. When the magma cools slowly over time, different minerals are able to grow and crystalize. This creates the characteristic, beautiful, speckled texture of granite. 

Granite comes in a variety of colors, and it is known to have flecks of blue, gold, green, or gray, depending on the exact mineral composition. This means that every piece of granite that is extracted from the earth is totally unique. 

  1. Granite is Very Durable

Granite is known to be extremely durable, and it can last for hundreds of years. Rain, snow, freezing, extreme heat – the elements are no match for this tough stone. 

Granite is also resistant to chipping, scratching, crumbling, staining, and recoloring that other stones often experience. A granite headstone will remain as beautiful as the day it was installed, all while honoring the person you love.

  1. Each Granite Headstone is One of a Kind

Granite is tough enough to withstand the elements, but also soft enough that it is easily customizable. The headstone can be carved in any shape, allowing for some truly one-of-a-kind designs. 

Engraving and etching are also incredibly easy, so you are able to add pictures and quotes in any style you want. This flexibility ensures that any design you have in mind can be achieved. 

  1. Granite is Easy to Maintain

While granite is known to avoid wear and tear, all monuments can collect surface-level imperfections. This might include dirt, mud, bird droppings, moss, and hard water stains. 

The good news is that granite is easy to clean and maintain. A soft-bristled brush, warm water, and regular dish soap is typically all you need. Alternatively, many companies offer professional headstone cleaning for you. 

  1. Granite is Cost-Effective

Granite is found on every continent, all over the world. This means it is easy to produce and consequentially, more affordable when compared to other, rarer stones. 

In addition, services for granite, including carving, etching, engraving, laser-etching, and sandblasting, are available at nearly every monument dealer. This allows you to have more choice in where you shop. 

Finally, compared to the upkeep of other materials, granite is the most cost-effective choice. Any money you save now on cheaper materials will only have to be paid later when they need to be repaired

High-Quality Granite Headstones in MD

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