4 Signs a Headstone Needs Restoration

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Headstones are made with durable materials, often granite, that are designed to last for decades. But time, moisture, and ground settling can cause monuments to accumulate wear and tear. 

Annual upkeep services are often offered by headstone sellers. If you don’t have that option, or you’ve forgotten about it for a few years, many companies offer professional headstone cleaning

This process can involve removing hard water, mildew and mold; polishing vases or bronze plaques; edging the grass; placing or planting flowers; and detailing the engravings. Older and more severely damaged headstones may require repairing imperfections in the stone and resetting the platform or nearby ground.  

Here are four signs it’s time to restore the headstone of a loved one.

The Headstone Is Sinking

Headstones need solid ground to support their weight. But due to the nature of a cemetery, the ground can often shift and destabilize. 

Over time, the headstone can appear to sink into the ground. This can also happen if the headstone was installed improperly.

If you’ve noticed the headstone is no longer evenly set, this is an immediate sign that repairs are needed. The longer this problem continues, the worse the overall damage will be.

The Headstone Is Hard to Read

Custom engraving is an essential feature of headstones. It marks the name of the person being honored and documents the years that they lived.

As the stone wears away, the stone’s surface can become more and more shallow, leading to a less detailed engraving. In any cemetery, you’ll see headstones so old it is impossible to tell who lies beneath them.

You can avoid this happening to your loved ones by having the engraving restored. The professional headstone cleaner will do this by uncovering the lettering and making the edges more defined. 

The Headstone Is Chipped or Cracked

Today, traditional memorials are typically made of high-quality marble, granite, or bronze. Significantly older memorials might be made of cheaper, less durable materials, including sandstone. 

Either way, no material is indestructible, and forces beyond our control can cause extreme stress on headstones. Chips, cracks, and crumbling sections are clear signs the headstone needs to be professionally restored.

The Headstone Is Stained or Discolored

Headstones are usually created in gray or black, but they don’t often stay this way. Rain, dirt, moss, lichen, and bird droppings can also lead to stains. 

Thankfully, these flaws are only surface-level; as long as they haven’t sat for too long, the headstone can be easily cleaned.

This is often the most challenging part of a headstone restoration job. It must be done correctly to prevent further damage. Harsh cleaning products are avoided, and gentle biological cleaning solutions, such as clay, are used instead.

Professional Headstone Cleaning & Restoration in Maryland

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