Custom Granite Gravestones in Worcester County, MD

Headstones, Cemetery Benches, Signs, & More

Choosing a memorial marker for a passed loved one is never an easy task. Put your faith in the team at Merkle Monuments, the finest craftsmen in the Worcester County, MD, area.

All of our products are made of high-quality granite, marble, or bronze to ensure that your loved one will be acknowledged and remembered for countless years to come.

Our company produces high-quality custom signs and lettering for businesses, as well. We’ve designed custom signs for a variety of different industries, from schools and public parks to housing communities and local hospitals.

No matter what you require our services for, we promise to include you in the design process every step of the way, ensuring that the final product is exactly what you hoped for. If you need someone to craft a long-lasting memorial or sign, call us today.

Traditional Gravestones & Memorial Markers in Worcester County, MD

When deciding how you want your loved one physically remembered, you’re met with a lot of different options. At the time, these options can be difficult or frustrating to choose from, especially for a family that may still be in shock or mourning. The team at Merkle Monuments wants to make the design and ordering process as seamless as possible for all of our customers. That’s why our craftsmen work side by side throughout the entire process, helping you whenever you may need it.

We offer a variety of different markers to choose from, ranging in everything from size to design. From there, we offer a large selection of colors, designs, and materials that you think would best represent your loved one.

Customize your memorial marker even further with high quality sandblast lettering or a picture permanently transferred to your bronze marker.

You can’t put a memorial marker in the hands of a team of craftsmen who aren’t compassionate and understanding. Trust the team at Merkle Monuments to craft the perfect memorial for your loved one. Call us today to get started.

Urns, Benches, & More in Worcester County, Maryland

While many of our customers order gravestones, some of them express desire to have their loved one memorialized with a specialty product instead. No matter which direction you decide to take, the team at Merkle Monuments is up to the task.

In addition to our traditional gravestones and markers, we also offer:

Using the same high-quality granite, marble, and bronze as our gravestones, the craftsmen at Merkle Monuments work with you to find the perfect memorial for your loved one. Our attention to detail is second to none. We want to ensure your satisfaction with your order so that you and your family may visit it for years to come.

View our collection of specialty options here.

Signs, Plaques, & Landscape Lettering in Worcester County, MD

When a customer drives up to your business or establishment, what’s the first thing they might notice? After all, first impressions are extremely important when drawing in customers, clients, families, or staff.

The craftsmen at Merkle Monuments agree that nothing makes a building look more impressive than a proud stone sign.

Since 1931, we have worked with the businesses and organizations of the Worcester County, Maryland, area to craft attractive and timeless signs and plaques for their buildings. Working with granite, slate, and bluestone of the highest quality, we promise to craft a sign that makes your building or public area stand out in the best way possible.

Browse through some of the final products we’ve crafted for our community for inspiration, then call us today to get started on designing one of your own!