Custom Headstones, Urns, Signs, & More in Talbot County, MD

In your time of grief, it can benefit you to remember the life and legacy of the deceased. Here at Merkle Monuments, that is our goal. We create custom headstones, urns, signs, and more in Talbot County, MD.

Our friendly and experienced team can walk you through your options to find the perfect way to memorialize your loved one. All of our products are constructed from high-quality granite, marble, or bronze.

We’ve built a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship. In fact, are proud to have served our community with friendly service and customized products for nearly 100 years. Call now to learn more.

Memorials & Grave Markers in Talbot County, MD

Choosing a headstone is more than just the text to be carved onto its surface. You need to choose the size, style, material, color, design… It can easily get overwhelming at an already emotional time.

Allow our team to help. Our custom memorials and grave markers can capture the personality, religion, and contributions of your loved one. We also offer custom-etched designs to help you create a unique and lasting impression.

We will work with you to balance your budget and your needs. Call now to begin your project.

Custom Vases & Urns in Talbot County, MD

For those who choose not to be buried, we also offer a large catalog of high-quality cremation vases, urns, and keepsakes. Our vases and urns come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, including:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Composite materials
  • Granite
  • And more

These stylish urns and vases can be customized to fit any interior, so your loved one is always nearby. Contact us today.

Signs, Plaques, & Landscape Lettering in Talbot CTY, Maryland

While memorial products are our specialty, we also provide customized signs, plaques, and landscape lettering to Talbot County, Maryland.

Our products can help label a historic site, honor a celebrated community member, or breathe new life into your business storefront. We can create any look, big or small, without blowing your budget.

Contact Merkle Monuments today!