Memorials, Urns, Metal Plaques, & More in Carroll County, MD

Here at Merkle Monuments, we understand the tough time you are going through. Losing a loved one is a painful process, but choosing their memorial marker doesn’t have to be. Established in 1933, we have been providing memorials in Carroll County, Maryland, and beyond for over 90 years! Our dedication to craftsmanship and professionalism is what has kept us around. 

We provide high-quality headstones, urns, bevel memorial markers, metal plaques, memorial benches, and more. Our team of experts can walk you through your options, and we won’t stop until you’ve found the perfect memorial item for your loved one.

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Traditional Headstones & Memorial Markers in Carroll County, MD

The memorial marker does more than simply identify the resting place of the deceased. It serves as a monument to their life and memory, honoring their time spent on this Earth.

Don’t trust just anyone with crafting this important tribute. Trust the experts at Merkle Monuments!

We offer a wide selection of traditional headstones, bevel and grass markers, and slant memorials, as well as customizable bronze memorials. We use only the highest-quality materials in your choice of granite, marble, or bronze.

We also offer cleaning and repairs for all our memorials, guaranteeing their upkeep for years to come. Call now to learn more!

Columbarium & Memorial Benches in Carroll County, MD

For those looking for a larger, more public memorial item, we also craft beautiful columbarium and memorial benches

Sizes, styles, and materials can be customized to your liking. Custom engraving is also available for a quote or religious passage you might want to include. However you feel is best to represent those that you have lost, Merkle Monuments is here to help.

Our benches make wonderful additions to any garden, park, or housing community in Carroll County, Maryland. Call now to receive a quote!

Signs, Plaques, & Landscape Lettering in Carroll County, MD

Though memorial items are our specialty, we also design signs, plaques, and landscape lettering for residents and businesses in Carroll County, Maryland.

Whether you’re labeling a building, marking an historic location, or hanging a memorial sign in a public space, Merkle Monuments is the best choice. We have the craftsmanship and expertise you need to achieve your vision. 

Our high-quality granite, slate, and bluestone options are as durable as they are beautiful.

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