Headstones, Urns, & More in Germantown, MD

Death is, unfortunately, a part of life. It can be a difficult process to mourn a person that you love, but choosing their memorial marker can be easy. 

Here at Merkle Monuments, we help people find the best way to honor the life and memory of their loved ones. We offer high-quality headstones, urns, bevel memorial markers, metal plaques, memorial benches, and more.

Established in 1933, we have served Germantown, Maryland, and beyond for over 90 years! We owe it to our craftsmanship, professionalism, and caring customer service. 

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Traditional Headstones & Memorial Markers in Germantown, MD

When we lose someone we love, it is often a great comfort to visit their resting place, say a few words, and leave a gift. Commemorate this resting place with a traditional headstone provided by Merkle Monuments!

We offer a wide selection of traditional headstones, bevel and grass markers, and slant memorials. We guarantee our high-quality granite, marble, or bronze can withstand the test of time.

Still worried about the wear and tear that might accumulate over the years? Worry not, because Merkle Monuments also provides headstone cleaning and repair services! Call now to begin your project today.

Vases & Urns in Germantown, MD

For those choosing to cremate their loved ones, we also offer a wide selection of memorial vases and urns. 

Available in stunning selections of wood and metal, our urns are the perfect way to safely store their remains and aptly honor their memory. The variety of sizes and colors to choose from means you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

More decorative urns, such as those with a clock or photograph, as well as keepsakes, are also available. These memorial pieces make great additions to a mantle piece or side table, keeping your loved one close even after they’re gone. 

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Signs, Plaques, & Landscape Lettering in Germantown, MD

Though memorial items are our specialty, we also design signs, plaques, and landscape lettering for businesses in Germantown, Maryland, and beyond!

Label your commercial building, memorialize a local historic site, commemorate a lost colleague – whatever your project is, Merkle Monuments has got it covered. 

Our signs and lettering are available in granite, slate, and bluestone. We have the expertise needed to achieve any vision, and best of all, we offer our products at competitive prices that won’t break the bank. 

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