Choosing Cremation: Do I Need a Memorial Marker?

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Cremation rates in the United States have been on a steady climb since the 1970s. In 2016, half of all Americans were cremated, up from 5% in 1970 and 27% in 2001. There are many reasons this number has been on the rise, including the lower cost of cremation over burial, as well as the conservation of cemetery space.

While cremation opens up a variety of unique options for containers to store remains, it presents the question for many: Do I need a memorial marker if I choose cremation?

The answer is you don’t need a memorial marker, but it is an option many choose.

A memorial marker offers your loved ones a physical place to visit for years to come, and is a popular option for those with family plots. Some opt for simple in-ground bevel or grass markers, while others choose raised slant memorials. Adding a name or other inscription to an existing family headstone is another simple option.

Other people choose to purchase markers that allow for the incorporation of a coordinating urn or vase for the ashes. There also are flush-ground vases, which are partially buried underground but also provide an above-ground marker for those who have a burial plot but choose cremation.

Many others choose not to purchase a separate memorial marker, opting instead to select a receptacle that remains with family. There are many beautiful, durable vase and urn options to choose from.

Whatever you choose, you can count on Merkle Monuments to provide a high-quality, lasting testament to your legacy that your loved ones can cherish for generations. Contact us today for all your urn, vase, and memorial marker needs in Maryland.