5 Unique Ways to Memorialize a Late Pet

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Dogs and cats are as much a part of the family as any human, for many. The loss of a furry companion can be devastating, and you and your family may go through a long, difficult grieving process.

You may choose to memorialize your pet with cremation, storing the ashes in an urn or other receptacle. Or, you may decide to bury your pet in your backyard or another significant place. These are great ways to remember your beloved animal friend, but you may be looking for something more unique to help you remember Fluffy or Fido.

Here are 5 unique ways to memorialize a late pet that would make beautiful, lasting additions to your life:

Pawprint Display

Many people choose to create memory boxes or picture frames with their pet’s photo. You can add an extra layer to the display by keeping an impression of your pet’s paw print.

If you are able to before or immediately after your pet’s passing, you can press his or her paw gently into some air-dry clay or other lasting medium suited for prints. Some veterinary offices also provide this service to grieving families, as do many pet cremation services.

You can add the pawprint to a shadow box or memory frame, or display it on a shelf or table.


There are almost limitless possibilities for ways to memorialize your pet with jewelry. Whether you find a simple pendant with your dog’s name on it, or choose to incorporate his image somehow, you’ll always be able to keep your beloved pet close to you.

If your pet was cremated, there are some services and jewelry designers that will turn portions of the ashes into jewelry. Some companies even – for a price – can turn your pet’s ashes into diamonds that you can turn into jewelry.

You can even have your pet’s paw print miniaturized and turned into a necklace or charm bracelet. This is a great way to take that at-home keepsake with you wherever you go.

Commissioned Painting

There’s nothing like a beautiful, artist-created painting to create a family keepsake for years to come. Many artists specialize in animal portraits, so you know you’ll find someone who can capture your pet’s unique personality and spirit in the painting.

Pet portrait painters can work off photos of your pet, so if you have a favorite photo, be sure to send it to your painter. You’ll get a beautiful painting to display with an extra-special subject.

Memory Garden

If your pet loved to be outside, create a memorial garden in her honor. Plant flowers, encircle it with stones, and add statues that remind you of your pet. Also, if you got your pet’s paw print and can make it weather-proof, a memory garden is a great place to display that keepsake.

There’s an added bonus to creating a memory garden: Planning and tending to the garden can be extremely therapeutic as you work through the grieving process. Creating a beautiful space to memorialize your pet can help you feel connected to her even after she’s gone.

Stuffed Replica

Though you could opt for a look-alike stuffed animal from the store, there are companies that can build you a custom stuffed replica of your dog or cat. Companies such as Cuddle Clones use photos of your pet to create individualized plush likeness.

You even get to fill in special characteristics that may not be as apparent in photos (ex: floppy ear, tongue that hangs out when sleeping, etc.) and choose your pet replicas position to make it as close to reality as possible.

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